Rebuilding Hydraulic Cylinders

Rebuilding Hydraulic Cylinders

At Automotive Machine Works we specialize in rebuilding hydraulic cylinders. Our technician has rebuilt hydraulic cylinders for over 10 years. We have worked on an array of cylinders, ranging from a single acting hydraulic cylinder, to a 4 stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder. Our capabilities and expertise allow us to turn-around hydraulic cylinders fast, to get our customers up and running as soon as possible.

Pictured below is a couple jack leg cylinders off a rock crusher we have rebuilt in the past two months. These cylinders arrived fully assembled, we disassemble the pieces to get it down to the black casing with the foot. Once we have that, we stand it upright on the table to take the black sleeve off of the barrel. Then we lay it down and put it in our vise to pull the shaft assembly out of the barrel. Once we have the piston out, we can assess where our leak is coming from. On one of the cylinders we needed to replace the wear bands, all the seals, and o-rings.

Hydraulic Cylinder Inspection

We also inspect the inside of the barrel to make sure there are not any scratches that would lead to improper wear or seal issues. If we do find this to be the case, we have the capability to hone out the barrel and make it smooth again. If the barrel is too damaged, we can either order a new one, or custom make one, for more information on custom barrels, refer to our custom hydraulic cylinder page. Along with the barrel if the shaft is damaged, has gouges or scratches on it, we can fill in the gouges and sand them down to make a smooth shaft again. Once we have rebuilt the hydraulic cylinder, we assemble and make sure the hydraulic cylinder will hold pressure before sending it out the door.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilding Capabilities

Our trained technician has over 10 years of experience in hydraulic cylinder services. We pride ourselves in producing the best quality repairs in the industry, with great customer service.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Services include:

  • Seal kit rebuilding
  • Barrel honing
  • Manufacture new shafts, head glands, pistons, cylinders, and barrels.

In some instances, your hydraulic cylinder may be beyond repair and you cannot order a new cylinder for your equipment. At Automotive Machine we produce high quality, custom hydraulic cylinders. See examples of the custom rebuilds we have done here.

Call Us Today to Schedule Your Mobile Servicing

We offer pickup and delivery of equipment. We also offer mobile servicing, where our technician will come to you for general hydraulic repair.

Please contact us if you are in need of hydraulic cylinder work, we would be happy to assist you!

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