Piston Pump Repair

Uchida Piston Pump Repair

Automotive Machine Works provides high quality piston pump repair. It is cost effective to rebuild the pumps, compared to replacing them. We took apart a Uchida A10VD11 Tandem pump and replaced the internal rotating groups, seals, bearings, and custom made parts that were not available, then reassembled.

Displayed is a rotating group from the Uchida pump that exploded, along with a new rotating group that replaced the old one. The middle picture is the internal where the pistons rotate and the picture on the right is an example of a piston pump fully assembled that we previously worked on.

Our Hydraulic Pump Repair Services

At Automotive Machine Works we have a trained technician who specializes in hydraulic pump repair and motor rebuilding. We can repair old parts if they have not reached the end of their life. If we need to machine pumps or motors to new tolerances or completely rebuild them, we can. If we rebuild pumps or motors, it entails us putting new or re-manufactured parts back into the pump or motor.

High Quality Services

One of our greatest strengths is communicating with our customers to provide the smart solutions to keep your facility running. We pride ourselves on customer service at Automotive Machine Works; lead time, quality, and pricing we have you covered. We would be happy to work with you to solve your hydraulic pump repair and motor rebuilding needs.

Automotive Machine Works offers high quality, guaranteed hydrostatic pump repair, and other hydraulic services. We provide on-site inspection & repair services by an experienced technician. Contact us for a quick estimate!

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