Piston Pump Repair

Automotive Machine Works provides high quality piston pump repair. It is cost effective to rebuild the pumps, compared to replacing them. We took apart a Uchida A10VD11 Tandem pump and replaced the internal rotating groups, seals, bearings, and custom made parts that were not available, then reassembled.

Displayed is a rotating group from the Uchida pump that exploded, along with a new rotating group that replaced the old one. The middle picture is the internal where the pistons rotate and the picture on the right is an example of a piston pump fully assembled that we previously worked on. 

Piston pumps are crucial components in a hydraulic system

Piston pumps are used in hydraulic systems that use positive displacement. In a positive displacement system, the pump makes fluid move by trapping fluid, then forcing it into a discharge pipe to move the drive motor. When there is pressure on one valve, the swash plate tilts and discharges on the opposite side. While the piston rotates on the tilted swash plate, the pressure and suction pipe rotate and change. 

Cliff Industrial can rebuild a variety of piston pumps

Below is a Kawasaki pump out of an excavator. This pump is the main pump on the excavator. Our capabilities allow us to repair and resurface faulty parts, to save customers money. These hydraulic repairs have a one week or less turn around. This was not the North American version, so we custom made parts to fit. 

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