Inline Boring Hydraulic Cylinders

Inline Boring Hydraulic Cylinders

Automotive Machine bored out the insides of 4 claws for a scrap yard claw. Once bored out, we inserted new bearings and shafts. Each claw has their own hydraulic cylinder, to open and close the claw. Pictured below is the claw being bored out to insert new custom bearings. In the middle picture, you can see the tooth used to cut out the inside of the rod end mount.The last picture is an example of the claw in action.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Services

Our trained technician has over 10 years of experience in hydraulic cylinder services. We pride ourselves in producing the best quality repairs in the industry, with great customer service.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Services include:

  • Seal kit rebuilding
  • Barrel honing
  • Manufacture new shafts, head glands, pistons, cylinders, and barrels.

Contact Us for High Quality, Hydraulic Work

At Automotive Machine we produce high quality, custom hydraulic cylinders. See examples of the custom rebuilds we have done here.

We offer pickup and delivery of equipment. We also offer mobile servicing, where our technician will come to you for general hydraulic repair.

For more information or estimates on our hydraulic cylinder services, contact us!

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