Hydraulic Tilt Cylinder Repair

Hydraulic Tilt Cylinder Repair

Our hydraulic technician repaired both hydraulic tilt cylinders on a fire truck. We had to take multiple precautionary steps in order to not damage the fire truck. We could not do as little as a scratch in the paint. Our team covered the truck with blankets where he had to touch, then we built this stand to support the cylinders while he worked. This stand ensured their would be no movement, allowing us to work, without worrying about damaging the truck. We pulled both tilt cylinders off, then replaced the seals and resealed the cylinders. Once we reassembled it, we tested the tilt cylinders to ensure they worked properly.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Services

Our trained technician has over 10 years of experience in hydraulic cylinder services. We pride ourselves in producing the best quality repairs in the industry, with great customer service.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Services include:

  • Seal kit rebuilding
  • Barrel honing
  • Manufacture new shafts, head glands, pistons, cylinders, and barrels.

To view more capabilities of our hydraulic cylinder repairs, visit our Hydraulic Cylinder Page.

High Quality, Custom Hydraulic Work

At Automotive Machine we produce high quality, custom hydraulic cylinders. See examples of the custom rebuilds we have done here.

We offer pickup and delivery of equipment. We also offer mobile servicing, where our technician will come to you for general hydraulic repair.

For more information or estimates on our hydraulic cylinder services, contact us!


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