Engine Block Bead Blasting

Rotisserie Bead Blaster Restores 1969 Chrysler V8

At Automotive Machine Works, our first step for any job is to perform an engine block bead blasting service to remove any residue that could get in the way. Using our rotisserie bead blaster, we’re able to clean up engine blocks easily! Due to cleaning parts before machining, the shop equipment stays clean and creates a clean surface making crack inspection easier.

After the engine block is rebuilt or repaired, Automotive Machine Works will bead blast after the part has been machined. The final cleaning rids of the cutting lubricants and other metal debris that can cause grinding or honing from the parts. The last cleaning will rid of anything that can end up inside the engine to cause problems down the road. Plus, like this 1969 Chrysler V8, it makes the engine block look brand new! Check out the before/after below.

For more information about Automotive Machine Works engine block bead blasting services, contact us!

    Engine Block Bead Blasting  Engine Block Bead Blasting


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