Custom Hydraulic Cylinders 1

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

At Automotive Machine we produce high quality, custom hydraulic cylinders. In some instances, you cannot order a new cylinder for your equipment. Pictured below is a hydraulic cylinder off a round bale mover. They could not find one to order, so they had to have one made. We ordered the raw material, machined the material, and built the cylinder pictured. The cylinder made has a 1.75”shaft, a 3.5” Bore, and an 80” Stroke.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Service

Our trained technician has over 10 years of experience in hydraulic cylinder repair. Automotive Machine prides ourselves in producing the best quality repairs in the industry, with great customer service. We offer pickup and delivery of equipment, and mobile servicing, where our technician will come to you for general hydraulic repair.

To view more capabilities of our hydraulic cylinder rebuilds, visit our Hydraulic Cylinder Page.

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