Crankshaft Refurbishing

Crankshaft RefurbishingWe specialize in crankshaft refurbishing at Automotive Machine Works. We work on a range of equipment, including, industrial, agricultural, automotive, restoration, performance, fleet, and power-sports. With our vast knowledge of the industry, we are able to work on just about any project engine related.

Our Capabilities and process for crankshaft refurbishing and/or rebuilding include:

  • Degreasing/inspecting
  • Crack Check
  • Grind rods and mains
  • Polish rods and mains
  • Build up rods and mains
Crankshaft Inspection

Our process for crankshaft refurbishing starts with degreasing the crankshaft. Once the crankshaft is clean, we inspect it. When we inspect it, we look for cracks, wear, and straightness. Once we determine what needs to be done, we will perform the steps to correcting the crankshaft.

Crankshaft Grinding and Polishing
Crankshaft Repair

The grinding and polishing process involves us inspecting the main journals and rod pin journals for wear. If there is minimal wear, we can polish them and send them back to the customer. If there is a lot of wear, we will grind the main journals and rod pin journals. We try to grind them to the same tolerances but sometimes we are unable to, leading us to grind them to different tolerances. We always stamp our cranks with the tolerances we ground them down by.

The tolerances we most commonly use are .010″, .020″, and .030″.

Crankshaft Rebuilding

If a crank cannot be ground down anymore, or there is too much wear and the crank cannot be ground to spec, we can buildup the crank. This involves us welding the rod pin journals or main journals, which gives us more material to grind down to make a smooth round surface, within tolerance.

If you are in need of crankshaft refurbishing, contact us today! Don’t forget to ask about our pickup and delivery service.

Crankshaft Repair
N14 Cummins Crankshaft Repair This is a broken N14 Cummins crankshaft – from a semi – with 2 million miles on it. Luckily the engine was shut down in time and no other damage was done. As a result a replacement crankshaft was found, polished and it will be used […]

2 Million Mile Crankshaft Repair