Engine Repair

At Automotive Machine Works we specialize in engine repair and rebuilding. We work on industrial, agricultural, automotive, performance, restoration, fleet, and power-sport equipment. We have skilled machinists who have been in the field for 20+ years and can help you get back on the road quickly. Be sure to ask about our delivery and pick up service.

Engine Repair services include:

  • Grind, polish, and build up of crankshafts
  • Surface heads, manifolds, and blocks
  • Bore & Hone cylinders
  • Install and remove cylinder sleeves
  • Cut counterbores
  • Align bore blocks
  • Cast iron repair
  • Rod bushing and reworking
  • Cylinder Head Rebuilding
  • Valve guide and seat replacement
  • Precision valve work
  • Pressure checking
  • Full engine Rebuilding
  • Lathe and millwork
  • Engine balancing

Full service machine shop

If you are in the market for engine machining or rebuilding, look no further than Automotive Machine Works. Our skilled technicians will get the job done quickly and professionally. Contact us today to make an appointment at 715-832-6128.

Engine Block Bead Blasting
Rotisserie Bead Blaster Restores 1969 Chrysler V8 At Automotive Machine Works, our first step for any job is to perform an engine block bead blasting service to remove any residue that could get in the way. Using our rotisserie bead blaster, we’re able to clean up engine blocks easily! Due […]

Engine Block Bead Blasting

Case IH 7130 Undercarriage Repair 
Undercarriage Repair Sometimes called a bolster, this IH undercarriage had gone out-of-round and was due for a re-bore. Cliff Industrial made the new bushings to accommodate the larger diameter shaft. While Automotive Machine Works bored, honed and pressed in the new bushings and rod. When you work with Automotive Machine […]

Case IH 7130 Undercarriage Repair 

Engine Block Head Rebuild
Engine Block Rebuild Below is a Shibaura N844T engine block out of a Gehl L170 skidsteer. It started to act sluggish but the customer kept running it, after another 40-50 hrs of running “sluggish” it broke the crank shaft and threw 2 piston rods through the side of the block. […]

Shibaura N844T Engine Block Rebuild

Crankshaft Repair
N14 Cummins Crankshaft Repair This is a broken N14 Cummins crankshaft – from a semi – with 2 million miles on it. Luckily the engine was shut down in time and no other damage was done. As a result a replacement crankshaft was found, polished and it will be used […]

2 Million Mile Crankshaft Repair

One of just a few in the state we did some work on this guy about a year ago. Still running great!

Scooter Engine Rebuild