Cylinder Head Rebuilding

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

At Automotive Machine Works, we specialize in cylinder head rebuilding. We work on all sorts of equipment, including, industrial, agricultural, automotive, restoration, performance, fleet, and power-sports. With our vast knowledge of the industry, we are able to work on just about any project engine related.

Our capabilities and process for cylinder head rebuilding include:Cylinder Head Rebuilding

  • Degreasing/inspecting
  • Stripping the head down
  • Crack Checking with magnaflux
  • Check flatness and valve height to see if the cylinder head needs resurfacing
  • Vacuuming checking
  • Pressure checking
  • Installing valve guides
  • Installing valve seats and valvesCylinder Head Rebuilding
  • Refacing seats
  • Grind in Valves and assemble
  • Remove studs – repair with Helicoil
  • Install/remove injector tubes
  • Resurface cylinder head

We follow a process when working with cylinder heads. We first start by stripping the head down. Once we have the head stripped, we degrease and crack check it. After we crack check it, we pressure check the head to make sure there are no leaks. We do this by putting the cylinder head on a stand, blocking off all the ports and hooking up water through an inlet and an outlet. We then circulate hot water through the head, once the head is up to operating temp, we shut off the water valve and put the head under air pressure. By doing this, we can inspect the ports to make sure there is no water seeping through any cracks internally. Depending on the outcome, will depend on our next steps. At this point, we will order all new valve seals and any other parts we need. Once we finish the other work that needs to be done, we reassemble and vacuum check to make sure the valves are sealing to the seats. At this point the cylinder head is rebuilt and ready to be sent out to the customer.

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